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We are a technology company that provides service experiences for digital transformation, using our experience to help build innovative solutions that impact people positively.
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Sofka Attitude

Our name was inspired by the merger of two words:

Software + Kaizen
We adopt a continuous improvement , where we seek to constantly learn and advance, generating changes through specific actions that help us achieve the set goals.
We seek to become strategic allies to achieve goals, building a relationship of trust and (co)creating under an agile mentality.
Our team is defined by empathy, a sense of belonging, teamwork and determination to face challenges.

Behind each service, there are people committed to providing the best experience and building strong relationships that help to generate an impact on our environment.

Life at Sofka
At Sofka we seek to make working with us a memorable experience, which is why we strive to take care of each and every one of our Sofkianos.

Meet our team leaders

Meet our team leaders

Ignacio Villa

Co-founder and Director of Strategic Planning / Chief Strategy Officer CSO

Esteban Alonso

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Félix Sastoque


Otoniel Úsuga

Co-founder and COO / Chief Operating Officer - COO

Natalia Durango

Business Development Chief, Colombia.

Neelkanth Singh

Executive Vice President and International Business Development Chief

Felipe Posada

Pre-sales Chief

Sergio Acland

Chief Operating Officer - COO Uruguay

Andrea Moreno

People’s Development Chief

Manuel Salas

SofkaU Chief

Maria Paula Nieto

Chief Marketing Officer - CMO

Alejandra Calderón

Chief Financial Officer - CFO

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Our offices

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Our offices


Colombia - Bogotá

Centro Empresarial Paralelo 108 Av. Carrera 45 No. 108-27 Torre 2 Oficina 1103

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Colombia - Medellín

– Calle 12 # 30 – 80

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México - Ciudad de México

Av. paseo de la reforma 284

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EE.UU - Miami, Fl.

– 601 Brickell Key Suite 700 – #0034

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– Avenida Brasil 2962 - Montevideo – Salto 916 - Paysandú

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Our history
  • 2013

    Where everything began

    We were born in 2013 and since then, we have lived in a continuous process of adaptation to respond to the constant changes in the IT industry, supported by the human and technical training of our teams.

  • 2014

    First steps

    Sofka began to grow and become known in the market, participating in the growth of the agile community in Latin America and promoting the technological transformation of different companies.

  • 2016


    We created FROW, a multi-brand digital platform for the Fashion and Retail industry that makes shopping more effective, comfortable and fun.

  • 2017


    We were winners in the Hackathon of the company Protección, as a result of this work Hibot was born, a multi-agent platform that centralizes the conversations of digital channels.

  • 2018

    Sofka house Medellín - Colombia

    Our House in Medellín is the result of 6 years of dreams and hard work. Also, the year in which our 100th Sofkiano joined the company.

    + 100 Sofkianos

  • 2018

    First Training League at SofkaU

    At Sofka we promote the exchange of knowledge, for this reason, we made the decision to found SofkaU, an educational institution that seeks to transform education in the Latin American IT industry.

  • 2019

    Jóvenes Creativos.

    Program in alliance with the Rofé Foundation, which aims to train young people from vulnerable communities in software development for seven months.

  • 2020

    Remote Operation

    We passed through a difficult moment but, thanks to our strengths and attitude we adapted and reached our goals.

  • 2022


    The Sofka product’s family grew with IMETRIX, a tool for automating the quality audit of 100% of companies' phone calls and chats.

  • 2022

    Paysandú Offices - Uruguay

    We expanded the impact of our non-formal education model in Uruguay in order to develop a new technological pole for Latin America in the Paysandú region.

  • 2022

    Sofka House Bogotá - Colombia

    We decided to get close to our allies in the Colombian capital, continuing with a process of sustained growth of services for technological transformation.

Our history

We take care of our surroundings.
For Sofka, the purpose of ” care of our surroundings” does not remain in words, which is why we have created projects that positively impact both our Sofkians and the community, seeking to contribute to the construction of a better society.
Do you want to be part of Sofka’s family?
At Sofka we are always looking for companions for our adventure, people who are passionate about technology, curious to discover new challenges and with the goal of creating new experiences.