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We use IA and BI to strengthen innovation and drive companies toward digital transformation.

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This purpose led us to create a methodology that helps companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, identify innovation opportunities and improve the productivity of our clients’ operations.

Artificial Intelligence / Business Intelligence
How do we create value?
Our Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and prediction solutions help companies that want to:
  • Detects key aspects of the operation of the business from the analysis of large volumes of data.
  • Take advantage of the value of analytical models to automate decisions.
  • Direct and design the methodology for the implementation of AI solutions.
  • Reduce the loss of business opportunities due to ignorance of the value of data.

At Sofka Technologies we’ve helped several of our customers to establish Big data solutions based on organizational needs, among the strategies we use are:

Architecture and Technologies

We’ve created the ideal architecture definition taking into account the customer’s choice of technology and its implementation in platforms such as Azure, AWS and GCP.

Data Governance
Implementing data governance, going from the early stages of data cleaning to the access and analysis structures.
Big Data Sources
Detect reliable and updated sources of Big data, which facilitate decision-making and improve processes.
Machine Learning
Design data quality processes to generate machine learning models to give competitive advantages to our clients.
Artificial Intelligence Services
Consulting in detecting the application of Machine Learning techniques in existing processes
  • Artificial intelligence research.
  • Feasibility of AI projects.
  • Opportunity analysis.
  • Benchmark (Market Comparison).
The Design process of Machine Learning models
  • 01

    Solution ideation according to business needs.

  • 02

    Choosing the right machine learning framework.

  • 03

    Choose the machine learning algorithm.

  • 04

    Tune the algorithm and data to get the most accurate predictions.

  • 05

    Identify training data for machine learning models.

  • 06

    Model training and generation of predictions in production (inferences).

  • 07

    Integrate machine learning models into business applications.

  • 08

    Return operational models that have large-scale performance in production.

The Design process of Machine Learning models
Model validation and analysis
Model research
Choosing the appropriate machine learning algorithm
Set the data machine algorithm for the most accurate predictions
Identify, locate, and select training data for machine learning models.
Artificial Intelligence for your Business
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BI – Inteligencia Negocios
At Sofka we promote decision-making supported by data, for this reason, we provide business intelligence services, which allow companies to detect those sources of information (both internal and external) that may be useful for their processes and operations.

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