Sofka University is a corporate university initiative that seeks to develop all the potential and talent of our community.

“In Sofka University we are happy and passionate with what we do. Therefore, we understand that our main interest is to develop talent through comprehensive training based on knowledge, skills and attitudes.”


We design and set up training programs that seek to impact our collaborators and clients by creating education activities to improve technical and soft skills through


  • Orientation process within the Company or a specific department 
  • Different topics talks
  • Meetup
  • Trainings
  • Dojos


  • Customized virtual courses
  • Training workshops

Training Leagues

This one is an educational program that provides holistic training sharing best practices that make the use of ICTs easier and better, generating prosperity for our employees, the industry and progress for society.

Academic events

The Sofka TechDay is a space for the exchange of knowledge on trends and innovations in the IT industry. With this initiative we seek to share and generate knowledge that can help solve the challenges of the sector.

The Sofka Innovation Fest is a space to promote intrapreneurship seeking that our Sofkianos expose their business ideas with the intention to develop them within the company.

It is a space where fun and innovation come to life.

Es una maratón de programación sofkiana, la cual busca generar soluciones a problemas o retos de la industria, nuestros clientes o de la sociedad, las ideas aquí desarrolladas son evaluadas por un comité y podrán ser posteriormente productos desarrollados al interior de la compañía por parte de LabINN
Maratón de pruebas de Software

Strategic Alliances

In 2019 we created an alliance with the Rofé foundation and it has grown considerably. We already have multiple allies who have joined to develop this great initiative that is Jóvenes CreaTIvos. It seeks to train in programming, young people from vulnerable communities.